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EPCs for all types of property delivered without fuss or hassle.

The government introduced energy performance certificates to cover all properties that are built, sold or rented. If you are selling your property you have to order your energy performance certificate before you put your property on the market. We would advice all our customers of this and organize a specialist accredited assessor to do this on your behalf shortly after you contact us about putting the property on the market for you.

An energy performance certificate contains information about your properties energy usage and the costs of that energy. It will also contain advice and recommendations about how you can reduce the amount of energy you use in order to save you money off your energy bills.

On completion of your energy performance certificate your property will be given an energy efficiency rating of A in the most efficient homes to G for the least efficient and this will be valid for 10 years. If you don’t get an energy performance certificate for your property you will be fined and if you are considering buying or renting the property the owner or agent should show you the EPC.

There are certain building that will not need and energy performance certificate and these include places of worship, temporary building that will only be used for 2 years or less, building with useful floor space of less than 50 metres, low energy using industrial sites and non-residential agricultural buildings, buildings due for demolition, holiday properties rented out for 4 months or less per year or is let under a licence to occupy, listed buildings (you need to get advice on this from a local conservation officer) and lastly residential properties that are used for 4 months or less per year.

If you would like to check out a properties energy performance certificate maybe to compare similar properties to yours in an area you can search by a properties postcode or the unique report number again PM Premier would be happy to help you on this.

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