The Letting Station

Individual Property Management

What may have started as a nest egg or inheritance can quickly become a bit of a nightmare. From dealing with tenants issues like a burst pipe in the night to the headache of finding new tenants to prevent vacant months in your rental property causing financial pressures it sometimes feels like a grind. Managing a rental property professionally can really encroach on your time, family and work life.

Letting Station are here to help, what you find a pain or inconvenience is our daily job and we can manage and report directly to you with as much, or as little involvement from you as you wish. We love property and our dedicated letting team will remain one step ahead to ensure you get paid on time and your tenants remain happy ones meaning they are more likely to stay long term.

We can provide help and advise every step of the way and ensure you get the returns you deserve from your property. If you choose to expand your portfolio our sister company Property Purchase Direct could be the answer for you. Specialists in buying distressed properties from multi-nationals and individuals wanting to sell quickly. We have stock available at below market value and ready for cash purchase that offer incredible opportunities to make a healthy return on your investment.

If you want support managing your property please give one of our property management team a call and find out what hundreds of happy clients already know, and that’s one call to PM Premier is all you will every need.