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Bespoke probate property solutions designed to take the stress out of running property assets under your control.


It’s a difficult time and one that requires a service that is efficient and considerate. PM Premier’s team will manage the process of maintaining and disposing of probate property with no hassle or fuss.

We will carry out a full audit on the property and can deal with everything from then on. We can act as key holders, forward mail and carry our regular checks on the property to ensure it is secure and maintained whilst we sell it for you. We will liaise with all parties including solicitors to leave you free to get on with other arrangements only contacting you when necessary and to update you on progress. If you live away that is no problem for us we can do most things over the phone or even come to you if necessary, whatever suits you.

The team can also organise comprehensive insurance specifically for this type of situation and advice on all the things that will need to be done and thought of as we understand this can all be very daunting at a time when you may not be thinking as straight as you would be normally.

Our sole aim is to provide a sensitive and speedy service that can help you release the capitol from the vacant property and allow you and your loved ones to move on with your lives. We will take you through the process and advise and guide as we go along to ensure nothing is left to chance and every aspect is dealt with to the highest standards.

Whatever your position or where you are in the process we would be happy to talk to you to see if we can help with the process of selling your probate property just give our team a call and we can set up a meeting today.

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