If you want to move; put your house on the market!

Thousands of people want to move home right now and believe it is wiser to find somewhere to buy before putting their own home on the market (in case it sells quickly), so as not to be left with nowhere to live. Seems sensible. 

So they have a look on Rightmove and Zoopla but can’t find anywhere they'd like to buy and think, “well thank goodness I didn’t put MY house on the market as it might have sold and I’d have been left homeless! How stressful!”

Although this logic is perfectly understandable.....unfortunately when everyone thinks like that ..... nobody gets to find out who might want to sell their home; and fewer and fewer properties come on the market.

So what’s the solution?

If you want to move; put your house on the market!

If it sells (and it probably will at the moment) you can dictate when the ACTUAL sale date happens and can ensure that it only happens when you are ready. There is no need for you to fear being left "in between homes".

And the good news is, if everyone who is looking to move at the moment puts their house on the market - and we’re encouraging everyone who wants to move to do the same - then there will be plenty of choice!

Don't hesitate! Contact us TODAY for a free property valuation and to discuss how you can control the sale date and only move when you are ready to move.